TX-2000A: Additional detectors can be added to any TX/RX-2000A to provide notification of another outdoor entry or driveway.

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The TX2000A monitor is effective at detecting people or cars as they approach your home or business up to approximately 50 feet. 

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Click here for additional information about the TX2000A and to access installation instructions.


  • Detector powered by 2 AA battery 
  • Outdoor Wireless transmitter up to 2,000 feet
  • Long battery life circuit design 
  • LCD reset able counter built into receiver 
  • Fully automatic, no alignment required
  • Combined receiver powered by economical 12V DC, UL approved, plug-in power supply (no batteries to change) 
  • Operates several chimes, buzzers or bells 
  • Uncomplicated wiring, install accessories in minutes 
  • Universal mounting bracket allows for easy ceiling, wall or side mounting
  • Welcomes with a pleasant sounding chime 
  • Helps control theft
  • One year warranty against defects in material or workmanship 
  • Prevents unannounced entry
  • FCC approved


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