About Us

Our Priority:

Our priority is customer satisfaction backed with the quality products of Rodann Electronics Mfg Co. The technical support and product warranty that comes with each driveway sensor, entry alarm system and door alert system is truly superb. At Rodann Electronics, we stand behind our product. We take pride in quickly processing and shipping the most reliable wireless, hard-wired and self-contained door announcers, door chimes, driveway announcers, driveway monitors  and motion detectors in the industry.

Exclusively specializing in Rodann Electronics driveway sensors, door alert systems, entry alarms and detectors, we have a unique knowledge of customer requirements and take pride in satisfying each customer’s needs while having the pleasure of representing the Rodann Electronics line.

Driveway Alerts and Monitors 

As a leader of motion detector driveway sensors and alarms, we offer state of the art alert systems and monitors, the RX2000A and TX2000A. These driveway alert systems are compatible with the indoor wireless systems, RX1000A and TX1000A, and can detect vehicles up to 50ft and is FCC approved for motion detector transmitters and wireless receivers. With a list of available accessories, our customers can be assured of full motion detection coverage in the most remote areas while providing a completely secure peace of mind.

Available Features:

  • RX2000A provides a frequency-tuned antenna for longer range and a built in 5-digit resettable LCD counter.
  • TX2000A has a frequency tuned antenna and weather resistant stainless steel hardware.


RodannTech is a premier distributor of the Rodann Electronics Manufacturing Company, and has worked with Rodann Electronics Manufacturing over several years to ensure quality products and customer service. Rodann Electronics Manufacturing is an American company based in the U.S, and is proud to carry the “Made in the U.S.A.” label. RodannTech is pleased to offer the full span of Rodann Electronics Manufacturing driveway and door announcers, as well as compatible accessories. RodannTech prides itself on meeting the driveway sensor, entry alarm and door alert system needs of individuals, as well as businesses, while offering a wide range of products exclusive to the Rodann Electronics line.

Door Alerts

We exclusively carry the Rodann line of entry alarm and door alert systems. The RX1000A and TX1000A are the most popular of our wireless receiver and transmitter lines, being reliable, easy to install, and virtually trouble free. The indoor wireless door announcers make it simple to add accessories such as speakers, sirens, buzzers, etc. Having this versatility, without complex programming instructions, make the RX1000A & TX1000A units the best units on the market for the price for all your indoor wireless door announcing needs. 

The AV-200 is Rodann’s only hardwired electric unit. This hardwired door chime system may take a little more time to install, then again with a plug-in transformer to power its electric eye, batteries are never needed. All you have to do is install and relax; the door bell system will alert with a chime for every entry or exit. This is the door announcer for retail stores anywhere; great for high traffic locations and holds up well for many years. The AV-200 is easy to install, made in the USA, and fully warranted for 1 year, with a 30-day money back guarantee.

The SL-40 self-contained motion detector door announcer is very popular with small businesses, such as boutiques, offices, and small shops. This single unit door announcer only rings at the front door and is our most cost-effective and easiest unit to install. It works with a long lasting 9-volt battery, providing years of trouble-free use.