Which Announcer is Right for Me?

Which Entry Announcer Should I Buy?

There are five different Rodann models from which to choose at www.doorannounce.com. From a simple, self-contained entry door sensor, to a wireless driveway announcing alert system, Rodann provides the best solutions to suit many different needs.

  • SL40: Self-Contained Battery-Operated Door Announcer
  • AV-200: Hardwired Door Announcer (no batteries to replace)
  • TX/RX1000A: Wireless (1000ft) Indoor Announcer
  • TX/RX2000A: Wireless Outdoor (2000ft) Driveway Announcer
  • CX/RX100A: Magnetic Wireless Transmitter

The SL-40, a self-contained, indoor door announcer model and is one of the easiest entry door chime units to install. Intended for small offices, stores or boutiques with low traffic, this infrared motion sensor is simple to install. Just add a new 9V battery and install above the entry door. Every time a customer enters or exits, it will ring right at the door, letting employees know the door is being utilized, with a pleasant-sounding chime. It is not compatible with any other Rodann announcing system.

The AV200 is a hardwired indoor chime system that takes a little more time to install, but it has its benefits. The sensor must be wired to the power supply, and the speaker must then be wired to the sensor, but because of the plug-in transformer, batteries are never needed. This unit has proved reliable for high traffic locations like convenience stores, and it holds up well over many years of operation. Additional speakers or buzzers may be added to extend coverage to other rooms, such as cold boxes or freezers. That way, no matter where an employee is in the store, they will know when a customer has entered or exited by a pleasant-sounding chime. It is not compatible with any part of the older AV-200 model, nor any other Rodann announcing system.

The TX/RX1000A is an indoor wireless door announcing system, meaning no wires are needed to connect the sensor to the speaker. This 2-piece system is easy to install. After adding 3 new AA batteries to the infrared motion sensor, you hang it above the door (or side-mount it, if overhead installation is not feasible), then just plug in the receiver wherever employees need to hear when customers enter or exit. This set is highly customizable, with the ability to have as many sensors and receivers as necessary, in any combination. You are also able to choose up to 4 different tones, so employees will know what door is being utilized by the sound of the tone. The TX/RX1000A may also be combined with other Rodann announcing systems, such as the TX/RX2000A, and the CX1000A, as well as external accessories, like a buzzer, siren, strobe, or a speaker, in case a louder or visual cue is needed.

The TX/RX2000A is Rodann’s outdoor driveway alert system. Created for outdoor use, this set is weather resistant, and offers the longest range between sensor and receiver, up to 2,000 feet. Applications can include long driveways, entry gates and drive-thrus. Utilizing the same technology as the other Rodann infrared sensors (not the CX1000A), the TX2000A detects both heat and motion, so it will detect people as well as vehicles coming up the driveway. From the sensor, the narrow infrared beam can reach up to 50 feet, so it will cover even extra wide driveways. Installation is easy. The sensor requires 2 new AA batteries, and should be mounted approximately 3 feet up from the ground, onto a wooden fence post or tree. The receiver is then plugged in indoors, wherever the chime needs to be heard. Like the TX/RX1000A, it is highly customizable, with the ability to have as many sensors and/or receivers as needed. It may also be combined with the TX/RX1000A and the CX1000A systems, as well as accessories, such as buzzers, strobes, sirens, and speakers. The receiver also comes with a resettable LCD counter, which allows you to see how many times the sensor has been triggered.

The CX/RX1000A is an indoor, magnetic door-contact wireless transmitter. Inexpensive, and easy to install, it is a great choice when a motion detector is not necessary. The small transmitter attaches to the door frame, and the magnet attaches to the door. When the transmitter separates from the magnet (as when the door opens), it sends a wireless signal to the receiver to alert that the door has been opened. There are 4 pleasant tones from which to choose. It can be combined with the TX/RX1000A and TX/RX2000A systems, as well as with accessories such as strobes, sirens, buzzers or speakers. This unit may also be used as a push-button device (rather than a door announcer) at the cash register, customer service counter, or wherever a customer or an employee may need to call for assistance. With the flip of an internal switch in the transmitter, the CX1000A goes from being a door announcer to a push button. Set up is easy. Just install the included battery into the CX1000A, and mount it on the door as indicated, or the counter, if using the pushbutton feature. The receiver should be plugged in where employees can hear it.