Rodann Electronics product line of door chimes and door announcers has helped many businesses succeed over the years by reducing theft losses and labor costs. Below are some of the success stories we have heard.


“We have used Rodann before for offices and small businesses. We purchased an TX1000A for a church office so they knew when someone entered the office area. It worked very well as has all of them we have installed. Thanks for a quality product at a reasonable price!.” ~  Steve W.


“We have a store and needed to be alerted upon customer entrance. We placed it above our entry door, now we know when someone comes in while we are in the back packaging or working. We are very satisfied, the system works exactly as described, which is kinda rare, thank you.” ~ Scott N. 


“Rodann door entry chimes are our preferred choice of units used to signal when a customer enter a 7-11 because of their reliability and great sound. The Rodann Wireless system is so easy to install and has such great battery life that it was a no brainier. The chime system is loud enough to be heard throughout the store and provides walk-in cooler notification. I highly recommend the Rodann line of door chimes. We have tried a variety of door announcers and I would never go back to the others. As a matter fact, the Rodann system RX1000A wireless receiver and the TX1000A wireless transmitter are now in our specification sheet to all contractors that build new stores.” ~ Robert Starr, 7-11 Corp


“We have been using Rodann products for over 25 years and we love how well the door chimes work and how great technical support has been. There is always a person that you can speak to that is knowledgeable about the Rodman product line. We have over the last 10 years gone from the hard wired AV-100 system to their newest RX1000A and TX1000A wireless door announcing system and have been very happy with the results. They have always been there for us and I will never change. ” ~ Lou Jay, Circle K Corp


“We have worked with a lot of companies trying out different door chime systems and when we found Rodann 20 years ago, we never went back. The Rodann Wireless System is the best on the market and lasts forever. You really get your monies worth out of the RX1000A and TX1000A wireless door announcing system. The AV-200 is another great system that we use.” ~ Phil, Quik Shop stores in Central United States


“We have a TX1000A which has provided great results at our winery. We recently bought an TX2000A for the foot of a long driveway and now it notifies us as someone is approaching. It synched up with the receiver with no issues at all. We are planning to buy more sensors for the door to our garden and tasting room as well.” ~ Kevin F.


“My office is in the back of my home and I can’t hear the doorbell from there. Also, UPS and FedEx do not knock and I want to get the packages into the house. I placed my TX1000A out of the way under the roof of the porch and it alerts me of any person at the front of my home. If I am waiting for something to arrive, I can take the RX1000A receiver next door to my mother’s home so that I will be alerted while I take care of her. I like it a lot. I’m considering buying another RX1000A so that I can monitor my mother’s home at the same time.” ~ Leslie H.