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Picture of TX/RX1000A Wireless Doorway Announcer

TX/RX1000A Wireless Doorway Announcer

The TX/RX1000A uses wireless technology, which gives the flexibility of adding multiple units without the need to run wire. The motion sensor runs on 3 AA batteries, which can power up to 1 million rings before a battery change is needed. With an operating range of up to 500 feet, this system can be used in both larger and smaller buildings.
Picture of CX/RX1000A Magnetic Indoor Announcer

CX/RX1000A Magnetic Indoor Announcer

The CX/RX1000A is an indoor, wireless, magnetic door-contact transmitter system. The system only alerts when the door to which it is attached is opened, so it will not be triggered by people walking by or around the entry area. This unit also has a push-button option which may be used at counters or registers as a "ring for service" option. This is a simple, low cost wireless door announcing system, perfect for announcing entry, or when a "ring for service" option is required.
Picture of TX/RX2000A Driveway Announcer

TX/RX2000A Driveway Announcer

The TX/RX2000A driveway alarm system adds security to your home or office. The only Rodann Electronics system designed for outdoor use, the TX/RX2000A includes a weather resistant motion detector that can transmit to a receiver up to 1000 feet away.*
Picture of SL-40 Doorway Announcer

SL-40 Doorway Announcer

The SL-40 is a single piece, self-contained unit that contains both the motion sensor and the speaker within the unit. When triggered, it will chime right at the door. The SL-40 entry/door chime is the ideal solution for eliminating unannounced customer entry for smaller businesses (boutique shops, medical/dental office, etc) that has an employee always stationed within hearing range of the door.
Picture of AV-200


The AV-200 is the only hard-wired system offered by the Rodann Electronics Manufacturing Company. It is often used in convenience stores like Circle K and 7-11, and works well for other high traffic store fronts when a no battery/plug in option is desired.
Picture of PA Speaker

PA Speaker

PA speaker can be wired to the RX1000A, RX2000A, and the AV200.
Picture of Strobe


This strobe is an ideal visual notifier for locations where an audio sound is not suitable. Can be wired to either the RX-1000A or RX-2000A.
Picture of Speaker


An additional speaker can be wired to either the Av-200, RX1000A or RX2000A to provide notification in a separate room or location as an alternative to purchasing a second RX receiver.
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