SL-40 Doorway Announcer


The SL-40 is a single piece, self-contained unit that contains both the motion sensor and the speaker within the unit. When triggered, it will chime right at the door. The SL-40 entry/door chime is the ideal solution for eliminating unannounced customer entry for smaller businesses (boutique shops, medical/dental office, etc) that has an employee always stationed within hearing range of the door.

Click here for the SL-40 installation instructions.

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The SL-40 is a self-contained door announcer. It requires a 9V battery (not included) and is easy to install. There are two tones from which to choose, and the pleasant sounding chime alerts when customers walk past the passive infrared sensor. This system is made in the USA and warranted for one year, with a 30-day money back guarantee.


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Using passive infrared technology which detects heat and motion, this motion sensor alerts you as soon as someone passes through a doorway entrance. An affordable alternative for small businesses that don’t need the range of a a wireless door announcer and separate receiver, the SL-40 is an easy way for employees within hearing range to monitor entry to and exit from your business.

Click here to download the SL-40 Installation Instructions (PDF file).


This unit uses passive infrared detection which detects heat and motion, and chimes right at the door. While it does have a volume control knob inside the unit, it is intended to be used in small, boutique-style shops or medical type offices with a receptionist who continuously sits at the front desk during office hours. The SL-40 is not customizable. It is a stand-alone unit and as such, may not have any accessories such as buzzers or speakers added to it. It also does not work with an RX1000A or RX2000A receiver. If you have an RX receiver and are looking for a wireless sensor to work with it, please look at the TX1000A or TX2000A.


The SL-40 is made in the USA, and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, and a one-year warranty.

The SL-40 has two pleasing chimes to choose from.
  1. dingdong 0:03
  1. singleding 0:03

FEATURES INCLUDE:                                                                        

  • Powered by 9-volt battery (not included) 
  • Fully automatic, no alignment required
  • Ceiling, above door or side mounting 
  • No wires, easy installation 
  • Welcomes with a pleasant sounding chime, with a choice of 2 tones
  • Prevents unannounced entry 
  • Helps control theft 
  • One year warranty on parts and manufacturer defect (misuse and user modifications will void the warranty)
  • Low cost


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