CX/RX1000A Magnetic Door Contact


The CX/RX1000A is an indoor, wireless, magnetic door-contact transmitter system. The system only alerts when the door to which it is attached is opened, so it will not be triggered by people walking by or around the entry area. This unit also has a push-button option which may be used at counters or registers as a “ring for service” option. This is a simple, low cost wireless door announcing system, perfect for announcing entry, or when a “ring for service” option is required.

Click here for the CX/RX1000A installation instructions.

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The CX1000A (transmitter) is a two-piece system that includes the sensor and a magnet. The transmitter attaches to the door frame while the magnet attaches to the door. When the transmitter separates from the magnet (as when the door opens), it sends a wireless signal to the receiver (RX), which then chimes. There are four tones from which to choose, and the tones are changed via the transmitter.

The CX1000A also has a push button option, which can be used at a counter or cash register as a “ring for service” option. The CX1000A is small and easy to mount on the door or at the counter with double-sided mounting pads, which are included. No tools required. CR2450 button battery is also included.

The CX/RX1000A is made in the USA, and warranted for one year, with a 30-day money back guarantee. 

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Have Multiple Entrances? 

This product can be combined with multiple TX1000A detectors and multiple RX1000A receivers.CXRX1000A Rodann Tech Door Announcer

This magnetic transmitter is easy to install and ideal for entrances that are typically closed during normal business hours. With a long battery life and up to a 500-foot transmission range from transmitter to receiver, this system is a great, lower cost entry announcer option.

The CX/RX1000A is compatible with the TX/RX1000A and TX/RX2000A systems ONLY.

This particular unit requires that the door remains CLOSED, and will only chime when the door is OPENED, which breaks the contact between the wireless transmitter and the magnet. It does not detect heat or motion (people).


The TX/RX2000A has four pleasing chimes to choose from:
  1. dingdong 0:03


  1. doubledingdong 0:03


  1. singleding 0:03


  1. turbosound 0:03

Click here for additional information on the CX/RX1000A and to access the installation instructions data sheet (PDF). The CX1000A is an indoor magnetic wireless transmitter. This unit must be installed at an entry door that is kept closed and will only be activated when someone opens the door. 


  • Magnetic detector powered by CR2450 coin cell 3VDC battery (included) 
  • Indoor wireless transmitter up to 500 feet 
  • Long battery life circuit design 
  • Receiver powered by economical 12 Volt DC, UL approved, plug-in (no batteries to change)
  • Receiver operates as accessory power supply for buzzer, siren, speakers or strobe  
  • One-year warranty against defects in material or workmanship (user modification or misuse will void the warranty)
  • Prevents unannounced entry
  • Welcomes with a pleasant sounding chime
  • FCC approved
  • Helps control theft


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