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Never be surprised when customer enter -install a door announcer
TX/RX1000A wireless infared indoor use, customize to fit any need. More... The CX/RX1000A is a magnetic-door-contact wireless transmitter, with push button. More... TX/RX2000A is weatherproof and wireless for outdoor use; ideal for driveways. More... SL-40 is a self contained all in one system, great for small business. More.. AV-200 - hardwired door chime, no batteries needed. More...
TX/RX1000A wireless entry announcer CXRX1000A-Magnetic-Transmitter TX/RX2000A outdoor wireless driveway announcer SL-40 self contained simple to install passive infared entry announcerAv-200


CX/RX1000A $99.95




Recommend for larger buildings. The TX/RX1000A uses wireless convenience and state-of-the-art motion detector for detecting and transmitting up to 500 feet for indoor use.

Can be used to indicate when a door (or window) opens. It can also be used as a push-button alarm.

Adding a driveway alarm adds security to home or office. Designed for outdoor use, the TX2000A is a weatherproof motion detector and transmitter that will transmit up to 1000 feet. This motion detector has a pleasant sounding chime that rings at the door. The SL-40 entry/door alarm is the ideal solution for eliminating unannounced customer entry for smaller business.
These products are used by Circle K, 7-11 and are perfect for any busy store front. The highly versatile unit can provide notification, announce rear-door deliveries, as well as providing customer entry and exit alerts.
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Which unit is best for your needs? Read This

Rodann Tech products are the finest engineered door and driveway announce systems available on the market, used by Circle K, 7-11 stores and many other delighted customers (read more).

These are made and assembled in the USA, and each unit receives rigorous quality control inspections.

Buy With Confidence: If you are not completely satisfied with your unit, we will gladly refund your payment within 30 days of your purchase.