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The Shocking Truth About Batteries

All batteries are not created equal. When choosing batteries to power up your Rodann door and/or driveway announcers, you do not want to go on the cheap. The manufacturer highly recommends Duracell or Energizer batteries, and here at, we have to agree. Store brand and discount batteries may save you some money over Duracell or Energizer initially, but when those batteries need to be replaced in 3 months, 6 months, or even right out of the package (dead batteries happen, even in a brand-new pack), it will cost you even more. So spending a little extra now for good batteries can save you money in the long run.
Another thing about batteries most people don’t know? They have an expiration date. And THAT can affect how well a battery works. Whether you are buying AA batteries for a TX1000A/TX2000A, a CR 2450 button battery for a CX1000A, or a 9V battery for the SL-40, be sure to look for that expiration date BEFORE you buy. Battery producers give batteries a shelf-life of about 10 years, so if you get a battery with an expiration date of 2022, you know that battery was made in 2012. Not exactly the freshest battery out there, even if you literally just purchased it off the shelf. Smaller stores that don’t sell many batteries constantly rotate older stock to the front, so you can conceivably buy batteries off the shelf that are almost 10 years old! And that will affect how well your TX1000A, TX2000ASL-40 and CX1000A will work.
If you’ve had your unit for a year or more, and it starts “malfunctioning,” it may be time to change those batteries. Remember, you want to invest in your investment. When you need to change batteries, don’t grab any ol’ 9V or AA battery rolling around in the junk drawer, or off the shelf of your local convenience store. You’ll just end up having to replace them in a matter of days or weeks. Take care of your door/driveway announcer using the guidelines above, and it will take care of you.
You might be thinking that batteries seem like too much of a hassle but, depending on how much traffic you get (and if you buy good batteries), AA batteries could last a year or more in the TX1000A/TX2000A. But if changing batteries once or twice a year still seems like too much work, does offer a hard-wired solution! The AV-200 does not require batteries. Feel free to check it out in our door announcer section, if you like.

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