TX/RX1000A Wireless Indoor Announcer

The TX/RX1000A chime system alerts when customers walk past the passive infrared eye. Perfect for small businesses with a single entrance or large buildings with many entry and exit points. Multiple TX1000A transmitters can be installed above each entrance along with multiple RX1000A receivers to provide additional notification. This system comes with a pleasant chime alert as customers enter or exit. This system is easy to install, made in the USA, and fully warranted for 1 year, with a 30 day money back guarantee. This unit is also compatible with the TX/RX2000A.

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Have a number of entrances? Learn how the TX/RX1000A can be configured to cover all of your needs here.

This wireless chime system with motion detector offers variable setups to customize the front door and backdoor chime sounds to identify which door the customer is coming in or going out. With an indoor wireless motion detector, the receiver rings every time, and does not allow a person to enter without being detected. With easy installment, this wireless door chime announcing system affords the highest security for the investment. Can also be used with multiple TX1000A detectors and many notification options: SirenBuzzerStrobe, or Speaker. We have other models, please read this for more information.

Click here to download the TX/RX1000A datasheet.

The TX-1000A/RX-1000A motion detector incorporates state-of-the-art passive infrared (PIR) sensor technology with wireless convenience for detecting infrared energy emitted by the human body, when in motion, within a given detection area. This unit is not affected by sunlight, car headlights, reflections, shadows, or colors and will operate with a door open or closed.


      • Detector powered by 3 AA Battery 
      • Indoor Wireless transmitter up to 500 ft 
      • Long battery life circuit design 
      • Fully automatic, no alignment required. 
      • Receiver (RX) powered by economical 12 Volt DC, UL Approved, plug-in (no batteries to change). 
      • Receiver (RX) terminals support 12VDC output for buzzer, siren and strobe. 
      • Receiver(RX) includes two for adding hardwired speakers.
      • Uncomplicated wiring accessories install in minutes. 
      • Universal mounting bracket allows for easy ceiling, wall or side mounting.
      • Fully automatic and maintenance free (no reflectors or controls to align). 
      • One year warranty against defects in material or workmanship. 
      • Prevents unannounced entry. 
      • Welcomes with a pleasant sounding chime.
      • FCC Approved
      • Helps control theft.