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RodannTech a Premier Distributor of Rodann Electronics. Made in the USA, Full One Year Warranty, 30-Day Return Satisfaction Guarantee.

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We are a premier distributor of Rodann Electronics Manufacturing, the maker of the world’s finest door entry alerts and driveway alarms. Made in the USA with state-of-the-art design, we are proud to offer the full line of Rodann Electronics wireless, hardwired, and self-contained door announcers. Rodann Electronics Manufacturing specializes in customer alert door chimes and driveway announcers that utilize “Passive Infrared” motion detection technology, to meet a wide range of individual and business needs. partners with Rodann Electronics to offer direct manufacturer technical support, at 1-800-366-7010. They place the highest emphasis on delivering personalized customer service, to ensure you, the customer, get the exact unit for your needs. Rodann Electronics stands 100% behind the quality of their products, with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects and a limited 30-day return satisfaction guarantee. Thanks to the superior quality of Rodann Electronics products, we are able to quickly process and ship your order right to your door, with the confidence that the products will work the first time, every time.

Discover why Rodann Electronics and Rodann Tech stand above the rest in the door alert and driveway announcer industry:

• Superior Rodann Electronics technology

• Proudly made in the USA

• Personalized customer care

• Rigorous product quality control

• Free shipping

• No sales tax

• One-year warranty against manufacturer defects

• Limited 30-day return satisfaction guarantee

Door Alerts

We exclusively carry the Rodann Electronics line of wireless, hardwired and self-contained door alert products.

• The TX1000A and RX1000A are the most popular units we sell. They are reliable, versatile, and easy to install. This indoor wireless door announcer is

easily customizable, and can be configured to fit your individual needs by adding multiple transmitters, receivers and wired accessories like, speakers, sirens, buzzers and strobe lights.

• The CX1000A is a fantastic option, when a motion detector is not needed or desired. This indoor wireless transmitter works with a magnet that is mounted to the door, and when the magnet and transmitter are separated (as when a door opens), it sends a signal to your RX1000A or RX2000A receiver to alert you that the door has been opened. The system then resets when the door closes, and is ready to alert again the next time the door opens. This unit can also be used as a “push-for-service” button. When the button is pressed it sends a signal to your receiver to alert you when a customer needs assistance.

• The AV-200 is Rodann Electronics’ only hardwired electronic door chime system. It may take a little longer to install this system, but some people prefer this over having to change batteries. This model is perfect for retail stores that experience high traffic volume. It’s truly a “set and forget” type of door announcer. This unit can also be connected to a buzzer or siren for those loud areas like coolers and stock rooms. Additional speakers may also be added.

• The SL-40 is Rodann Electronics’ self-contained door announcer and is very popular with small businesses, such as doctor’s offices, boutiques and small retail locations with low traffic volume. This single unit door announcer with a built-in speaker rings only at the door, and is our most cost effective and easiest unit to install.

Driveway Alert Monitoring System

As a leader in motion detecting driveway alert systems Rodann Electronics offers the newly redesigned TX2000A and RX2000A. This driveway alert system is also compatible with our indoor wireless alert systems the TX1000A and CX1000A.

The TX2000A transmitter offers a narrow infrared beam which can detect motion up to 50 feet away and a range of 2500 feet between transmitter and receiver.

We also feature an array of accessories such as buzzers, sirens, speakers and strobes that can be added on to the RX2000A receiver to give you additional peace of mind.