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Smart Door Announcer for Small Business

SL-40Today, everyone seems to be stressed for time. Both the customer and the shop-keeper want to use their time effectively. Customers may enter hunting for an item or to make a quick stop for one or two items they forgot. Sometimes, they may have more time and are dropping in to see what is available locally. Both types of customers want their presence acknowledged, to receive an offer of assistance, and to have the serenity of knowing their needs are ready to be assisted.

With the mounting of a single SL-40, the opening of the door(s) alerts the shop-keeper who might be using down time to restock shelves, locate items in the back, or be engaged attending another customer. If you like the idea of knowing when someone enters or leaves, this little unit can be just the answer to providing this notice.

Any size business has to fight pilfering, shop-lifting, or dissatisfied customers leaving without being served. A SL-40 unit that can be mounted in various locations will help to avoid the worrisome encounter of a person you were unaware had entered. And, this little gem operates on a nine-volt battery. It has a sensitivity jumper cap that can be used to increase or decrease sensitivity within the detection area.

Mount it on the ceiling, above the door jam, or beside the door. Locating it on the ceiling one foot in from the door and pointing down gives the best results. It works with the door open or closed. Don't worry about shadows or sunlight affecting this unit. It is designed with state of the art electronic components that will work under the most demanding circumstances.