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Set and Forget

Is the AV-200 really the last hardwired door entry alert? Here at RodannTech we have done extensive research looking for a hardwired system made by other companies and can't find one, we have been told by customers that the AV-200 is the only hardwired door announcer on the market and we are starting to think that as well! Even though the TX/RX1000A was able to ring 1 million times on one set of batteries, Rodann Electronics still sees the need for a hardwired door entry alert and we agree! In some buildings a wireless signal just isn’t an option, the signal can be hindered due to building materials, wiring, Wi-Fi routers, neon signs or even a desktop radio. Don’t get me wrong I think Rodann has the best wireless door announcers out there. There are those times though when I’m glad that RodannTech and the AV-200 are still around.

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