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The  TX/RX1000A can announce visitors to an office, delivery trucks to the dock, or buzz you from the stock room when customers enter. Perhaps an electronic door chime isn't enough, but you'll need a customer door counter for feedback when an Associate is working. This count helps provide information on advertising campaigns, daily tallies for peak days, and weekly traffic flow. Bookwork and customers can overlap with orders arriving. Providing speakers or buzzers for deliveries allow alerts and customer coverage to overlap. Pick from four tones to customize your unit.

Nighttime security or a large noisy facility may drive the need or desire to add a siren or a strobe or even a wireless door alarm. The accessories available with  TX1000A  and  RX1000A  can tailor security to meet the unique needs of your business. This is the unit that can add additional sensors, can notify with a siren or strobe, or speakers and buzzers all to assist owners to prevent unannounced entry and help control theft. If you need a unit up and ready quickly, even the tech-challenged can successfully install this detection unit.

The detector is powered by three AA batteries with a wireless signal that operates up to five-hundred feet for indoor use. This fully automatic economical unit comes with a universal mounting bracket for easy mounting. The wiring is uncomplicated for accessories and can be installed in minutes. Rodann TX1000A and RX1000A units are fully automatic and maintenance free and come with a one year warranty against defects in material or workmanship (FCC approved.)

This is the direction to move so that when the door chimes you will be ready to ring up the sales.

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