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Blog posts of '2018' 'March'

Our Customers are Amazing!

These photos were sent in by one of our customers who was having trouble with his  TX2000A units  and his property being vandalized. His property backs up to a public hiking trail so the idea of having a fence was out. He needed something , here come the TX/RX2000A, with multiple sensors set around his property he now has a level of situational awareness he never had before. He is not only able to tell if someone is on his property but where they came in from as well.

Units were working fine everything was great until one day they turns out the transmitters had been destroyed ,he found pieces of his transmitters all over the ground. What would you do? What would I do, I’m not sure but I wouldn't have thought of this that’s for sure!

Here is what he came up with .

(Notice the hole in the top of the meatal box so he wouldn't lose range)